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Buyer’s Services

Our extensive experience completing diverse and complex transactions is a testament to our platform and ability to meet the needs of our clients through a variety of services and capabilities.

Capital Markets

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Our solutions are designed to maximize each client's objectives according to their unique situations and criteria. Cushman & Wakefield provides capital markets expertise and services through every stage of the acquisition and sales processes, helping clients meet strategic, operational, and financial goals for their real estate investments. Through the application of advanced strategies and funding mechanisms, we maximize the value of our clients' real estate holdings. They benefit from both our global footprint and local market expertise, access to the most aggressive capital, and combined experience of more than 350 brokerage professionals in all major markets throughout the Americas.

Investment Sales

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Global real estate owners and investors look to Cushman & Wakefield's expertise to help them meet strategic, operational, and financial goals for their investments. We deliver customized strategies and solutions, experience in all property types, and offer unparalleled resources for investor targeting through our global footprint and access to both local and international capital. With an enhanced ability to identify and articulate exclusive opportunities, we provide creative investment ideas that maximize returns.

Debt & Structured Finance

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Cushman & Wakefield facilitates state-of-the-art financing and equity structuring as well as exceptional transaction terms. Our full-spectrum financial services platform provides domestic and international clients with customized and integrated capital solutions for all asset classes. A deep understanding of the entire capital stack allows us to structure optimal strategies and negotiate the best terms for each transaction. Through long-standing relationships and industry expertise, we provide comprehensive advice and execution services to meet clients' needs.

2021 Volume: $18 Billion + in Loan Origination | $70 Billion + in Loan Servicing Portfolio

Cushman & Wakefield | Greystone's full-spectrum financial services platform provides domestic and international clients with customized capital solutions for all asset classes. Our experienced professionals employ their long-standing relationships, industry expertise and deep understanding of the entire capital stack to deliver comprehensive advice, structure optimal strategies and negotiate the best terms for each transaction. As a top multifamily lender, Cushman & Wakefield | Greystone offers a wide range of financing solutions including Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and FHA/HUD loan programs, as well as bridge, mezzanine, commercial bank, life insurance and CMBS loans.

Valuation & Advisory

Your multifamily assets require acute attention to economic fluctuations, real estate cycles and market trends. Our Multifamily appraisal practice group stays ahead of what's next in all of these areas to provide you with a full range of valuation and advisory services and strategic insight into your Multifamily properties. Our professionals are well versed in all forms of multifamily assets, ranging from high density urban mixed use to garden apartment complexes; additionally, we're experienced with GSE and HUD insured lending requirements. Our experts are extensively involved with assets around the nation, with specialized expertise in affordable housing, age-restricted housing and student housing.

Property Management

Cushman & Wakefield Multifamily Property Management takes a client-centric management approach and provide tailored solutions to achieve the unique objectives of each property or portfolio. From our established management operating process, which allows us to increase asset revenue and reduce expenses, to our top-of-the-line technology, our clients trust us to enhance the overall performance of their portfolio. Our team of talented professionals has the knowledge and training to create meaningful resident experiences and connections to drive satisfaction and retention.

Our property management scope of services includes day-to-day operations, marketing, accounting and financial reporting, construction management and maintenance, contract and vendor services, risk management, training and development, and a full platform of services available through the Cushman & Wakefield platform.

For more information on Cushman & Wakefield Multifamily Property Management, please visit: Cushman & Wakefield Property Management

Research Capabilities

Cushman & Wakefield is the premier center for commercial real estate (CRE) thought leadership, setting the standard for insightful forecasts, predictive analysis and data accuracy so that clients can make smart, highly informed, strategic and expeditious real estate decisions.

Our research team members are located in all major markets, allowing for client support globally, regionally and locally. Each professional leverages state-of-the-art technology and deploys innovative and consistent methodologies to provide user-friendly analysis, accurate forecasts driven by macro- and micro-economic principles and relevant insight into market trends. Their local market knowledge is augmented by the global expertise and best practices of not just Cushman & Wakefield's worldwide research team, but the firm's entire service platform.

We provide insight into every commercial real estate sector from both investor and occupier perspectives. Our proprietary econometric model forecasts relevant economic and CRE metrics — including new supply, occupancy/vacancy, asking rent and net absorption — at an annual frequency extending out five years.

Knowledge Transfer

Our platform supports the delivery of real-time and historical data and analysis to clients. More than 1,650 MarketBeat publications continually.

Timely Output

Cushman & Wakefield's forward-thinking, disciplined approach and ongoing platform innovation allow for the efficient dissemination of the latest data and production of timely market trend information and forecasts.

Tailored Approach

Occupiers, owners, buyers, sellers, investors and developers can trust our unbiased, unfiltered approach to analysis and reporting, which also allows for the evolution, scaling and customization of data to suit the scale and scope of the client's business.

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