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Top 10 Reasons to Buy and Sell with the Bridge Multifamily Team

1. Brand - Our brand's rich heritage and sophistication are leveraged within the global markets we serve today. It instantly evokes quality, service, and an appreciation of truly valuable services. The Bridge Multifamily Team and Cushman & Wakefield brands allow us to connect and partner with clients who share our commitment to excellence. We keep our commitments. We are prompt, dedicated, and reliable to follow through. We are always professional and presentable in appearance. We take pride in our company and in our clients.

View of high modern multi-storey building

2. Superior Marketing - Our marketing expertise is characterized by superior products and materials as well as effort and execution. Our experts pride themselves on providing our clients with best in industry photograph, video, and brochure marketing.

Photography - A professional photographer can shoot images of the property, highlighting key spaces. Images used for the marketing campaign are carefully selected and enhanced to reflect the style and outstanding qualities of the property.

Matterport - Provides 3D Virtual Tours. With a 3D virtual tour, prospective leads can do their own walk-through of your properties from anywhere, anytime, generating higher engagement and interest.

Video - A professional video can be taken of your property for use throughout the marketing campaign. These films are carefully curated with stunning city aerials, property highlights, and music to create the ultimate viewing experience.

Brochure - A professionally designed property brochure will be produced and available in both print and electronic formats. The property brochure can be sent to targeted areas, top brokers, and our curated list of clients and potential buyers.

Our property marketing is developed with the highest standards in mind. High Resolution imagery, eloquent description writing, and impeccable presentation are essential to elevating every Bridge Multifamily Team listing. Our high standards extend well beyond marketing. We pride ourselves in offering white-glove service from beginning to end, establishing long-lasting relationships with our clients.

Aerial view of residential neighborhood, San Jose, California

3. Proven Track Record - We have developed an impressive track record. We have completed many significant sales, which has provided us with extensive experience to guide a listing through the selling process and have a smooth, successful close for an owner. We have sold a wide array of Multifamily housing from Class A to Class D, and from fraternity housing at USC to convent housing for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange County. Our team has closed over $3 Billion in Southern California Multifamily.

View of high modern multi-storey building

4. Experience you can trust since the 1990's. Our vast experience has equipped us with the ability to avoid potential issues and pitfalls, as well as the troubleshooting skills necessary to overcome unavoidable issues that may arise. We are confident in our ability to successfully represent you in a sale, and we believe you can hold that confidence as well. We are open to comments and suggestions and are willing to listen to our clients' opinions even if they are not aligned with ours.

5. Global Platform - Cushman & Wakefield's global platform gives us access to resources which allow us to go above and beyond, and to achieve our client's real estate goals. We are constantly nurturing and expanding both internal and external relationships to create a robust network that will better serve our sophisticated clientele. We strive to create an outstanding and seamless experience for every client. The Cushman & Wakefield brand has excelled due to its respect for tradition and focus on innovation, and the Bridge Multifamily Team is no exception.

6. Best Listing Exposure - We aim to cooperate, unlike some firms, to guarantee the best exposure for each of our listings. We value our partnerships with leading listing platforms and media sources, and we maintain our premium accounts to them. We provide custom-tailored postcards, high quality direct mailers, custom-designed email marketing campaigns, all with outstanding quality photographs and property specific highlights.

In addition, our team collaborates to further maximize listing exposure through direct calls to neighboring owners and active buyers, holding property tours, hosting investor symposiums, and making real-time connections with active 1031 exchange buyers. With an outstanding brand, a robust marketing plan and a strong network, we have unparalleled reach to qualified buyers. We tailor property specific marketing plans for each transaction to target an array of unique buyer profiles.

7. Research Capabilities - Cushman & Wakefield is the premier center for commercial real estate (CRE) thought leadership, setting the standard for insightful forecasts, predictive analysis and data accuracy so that clients can make smart, highly informed, strategic and expeditious real estate decisions.

Our research team members are located in all major markets, allowing for client support globally, regionally, and locally. Each professional leverages state-of-the-art technology and deploys innovative and consistent methodologies to provide user-friendly analysis, accurate forecasts driven by macro- and micro-economic principles and relevant insight into market trends. Their local market knowledge is augmented by the global expertise and best practices of not just Cushman & Wakefield's worldwide research team, but the firm's entire service platform.

Cushman & Wakefield's forward-thinking, disciplined approach and ongoing platform innovation allow for the efficient dissemination of the latest data and production of timely market trend information and forecasts.

8. Knowledgeable - We are experts in the Southern California market and the local economy. We possess knowledge and experience in all aspects of the Multifamily Real Estate business. We are well connected and well respected by our colleagues and peers. We know the property values in Southern California. We have vast access to and study the current market research reports and trends, so our clients are up to date as well.

We have in-depth knowledge of the many aspects of a 1031 exchange to help an owner through the entire process from start to finish of their transaction. We can anticipate our client's expectations and adapt to their needs. We understand that communication is key to keeping the client informed and cultivating meaningful client relationships.

9. Honest and Trustworthy. We are honest about the market. Integrity is one of our core values. Unlike many, we strive to under promise and over deliver. We make promises based on what we can do verses what we think the client wants to hear. We have the client's best interests at heart. We are respectful, friendly, polite, tactful, and encouraging. We do not use high pressure sales, but rather do our best to guide our clients to a favorable outcome in the intricate business of real estate.

10. Building Relationships - We understand the importance of building a solid, trustworthy relationship with your broker. It is one of the most important connections you can make when selling or purchasing real estate. When navigating a real estate transaction, you want someone who is knowledgeable about your search area, skilled at their craft, shares your perspective and has the time to devote to your specific needs. We strive to be just that, if not more. We are available when you need us. We respect your schedule and make it convenient for you to reach out when you have questions.

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